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Back in 1986 I was given my first professional photography assignment to shoot homes for a weekly television show. I was trained for about two days and subsequently learned the fine art of architectural photography by shooting over 100,000 homes, condos, commercial and public buildings. I greatly appreciate the intricate details, fine lines and complicated geometry that goes into a creative structure. Travelling the world has given me a perspective of how unique buildings can be from one country to the next. The history of our cultures are carefully preserved in the architecture. This gallery shows some of the more creative and artistic elements of my architectural work. Please contact me with your project ideas.
Welcome HomeTowering AtriumLight Falls on ShadowAdirondacksStairway to ShadowsAscensionDome in a DomeHealing ViewNature Imitates ArchitectureDeep BridgeFintry BarnyardWelcome Home #2Enlightened EntranceReflected ArchesArt & ArchitectureTrinity ReflectionRefracted LightOh Say Can You See...Dusty LightIn The Tube