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The images shown here were taken on a working vacation to Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada in September, 2009. We passed through New Brunswick and some of the shots are from various locations along the way. Cape Breton is one of the most idealic locations for photographers with thousands of square miles of wilderness, beautiful lakes and rivers and high cliffs overlooking the ocean. With some patience and an "attitude of gratitude" I found myself in countless breathtaking situations to photograph. I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I had taking them.
Bald Eagle 1Bald Eagle 2Bald Eagle 3Bald Eagle 4Bald Eagle 5Bald Eagle 6Great Blue HeronRocky RacoonCurious CatFoggy CatMorning DewDropDripFrosty Grass ArtFrosty LeavesFern ArtSunrise GrassPaper BirchWeb in GrassWeb Art