With 40 year experience in the media arts, 22 years as a performing and recording musician, 17 years teaching and three thriving media arts businesses, Craig Norton offers the ultimate hands on learning experiences for all ages and skill levels. He was awarded "Teaching Artist of The Year in 2012 and 2017 by Arts For Learning CT and three of his students have won national gallery awards. Craig wrote the book "Rock The Shot!" and teaches all aspects of photography, video filmmaking and music production. His learning experiences are fun and engaging and loaded with aha! moments. He's the perfect mentor for those who want to become content creators through experiential learning projects. 


Learn Photography: 
Camera Technology
Photo Editing
Social Media

Learn Video Filmmaking:
Video Camera Technology
Production Techniques
Green Screen
Script Writing
Video Editing

Learn Music Production:
Build Your Own Studio

Sound Recording Technology
Digital Music Production With Looping


All of these can be accomplished on a limited budget, especially when students learn in pods and share resources. Lessons can be held virtually using Zoom or Google Meet and timing is flexible. In person field trips and classes are available in Central Connecticut. Connect with Craig to create a learning plan for your students.