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As a musician myself, I understand that creating cool photos is important to convey your image. I enjoy collaborating with musicians to create unique visuals for CD's, DVD's, social media, crowdfunding campaigns and marketing materials. These skills can also be applied to other artistic performers including dance and theater.
Bruce CockburnCrystal HallSoweto Gospel ChiorAfrican DanceMickey HartTony Levin BandMickey Hart & Angelique KidjoRickie Lee Jones, 2015Xavier Pietri, 2015Kalidasa Getter, 2015Kalidasa and Peter Hadley, 2015Mary Fahl, 2013Mary Fahl, 2013Mary Fahl, 2016Peter Gabriel, 2016The Dead, 2016Peter Gabriel, 2016Mark O'Connor Band, 2016Mark O'Connor Band, 2016Sting, 2016